How to set your sender name

An SMS text message has 2 main parts – the Body and the Sender Name. The body is the message itself, the Sender Name identifies who sent the message.

A Sender Name can be either:

  • A Word. This can be any word up to 11 characters. Sadly no more (we wish, but networks do not support it). You can add a new word at any time by selecting “Add New” from the Sender Name dropdown list.
  • A Number. Any mobile number or landline can be added. This means people can reply back to the mobile number, or phone your switchboard. Clearly adding a mobile number is preferable so you don’t lose any SMS text replies.
  • The number can be a mobile handset number, one of our SMS long numbers such as our Dedicated Reply Numbers, or our Simple Reply Service which allocates a reply path to your message.
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