WhatsApp Business

Deliver exceptional customer service by integrating the WhatsApp Business solution as part of an intelligent messaging strategy

Easily connect with your customers through WhatsApp Business

Anytime-anywhere communication is key in today’s mobile-first world. With the WhatsApp Business solution, customers can contact your business via the same means they contact their friends and family.

WhatsApp Business lets your business connect with over 1.5 billion users across 180 countries in a simple, reliable and secure way.

Build rich conversational messaging experiences

Reduce call centre costs by using powerful AI-assisted bots to answer and assist your customers, all through the channel they’re familiar with the most, WhatsApp.

Provide your customers with important account and service updates, notifications on order status’, deliveries as well as appointments.

Create seamless WhatsApp customer journeys in minutes

Automate end-to-end customer journeys with IMIconnect, our multichannel configurableĀ solution. Create intelligently AI-powered responses to inbound communications. IMIconnect can then process the request and reply to the incoming query back via WhatsApp.

An automated communication flow that normally takes months to develop, scope and code can be built and launched within minutes using IMIconnect.

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