Resend a text message or from drafts

You may wish to resend a previous message to a group of contacts, or send a message stored in your “Drafts” list.

Use the dropdown menu above the large message box on the Messenger “Send” page to select either:

  • A pre-created message template. This is great when you send a similar message on a regular basis. It can contain merge fields, shortended URLs and links to mobile pages.
  • A previously saved draft message. At the bottom of this page you can see a “”Save To Drafts”” button. This allows you to quickly store a message typed on this page to retrieve at a later date.
  • A sent message. You can select from up to 10 previously sent messages, simply choose one from the list and it will appear in the main message window.
  • Of course, selecting any of the above will wipe any message currently typed in the main text box – so be careful!