How to set up dotmailer

Sync your Textlocal account with dotmailer

Step 1: Create your free Textlocal account and add credits

When you’re creating your Textlocal account, you’ll have the ability to select your default Sender Name; which is the name that appears on recipients’ mobile phones when they receive a text from you. To send messages to your customers, you must first have credits on your Textlocal account.

How do I add credits to my Textlocal account?

When you are logged into your Textlocal account, you can see your existing credit balance in the top right corner of the screen. To purchase credits, click the Buy button next to the credit type you wish to order. You can purchase text message credits, or MMS credits.

A single credit is consumed per message you send, which is a message of up to 160 characters. A message over 160 characters, such as 170 characters will consume two credits, and so forth.

You can purchase credits with a credit or debit card, or you can use PayPal too. Once you’ve selected your bundle, follow the instructions below.

  1. Select the Credit Bundle that you would like to purchase from the drop down.
  2. We recommend that you select the Auto Top Up box under the payment option logos, so that you never run out of credits.
  3. Set the number of credits that you wish Auto Top Up to top up your credits, and a maximum number of top ups per month.
  4. Click Order Credits and follow the instructions on the screen to process your payment.
How to order Textlocal credits

Step 2: Create a Textlocal credit balance alert

When your credits are running low, the Textlocal platform can alert you with an SMS message or email. To set these types of alerts up, go to Settings in your account and go to Credit Alerts, where you can configure up to four individual alerts.

  1. Log into your Textlocal account.
  2. Go to Settings > Credit Alerts.
  3. Configure the credit balance in which an alert will be sent out at.
  4. Enter the mobile number or email addresses you want to send the alerts to.
  5. Click Save.
How to set up Textlocal credit balance alerts

Step 3: Add contacts into dotmailer

To send SMS from dotmailer, you must have your contacts mobile phone numbers stored in a contact data field, in which you must tell dotmailer to send SMS to these numbers.

What are contact data fields?

Contact data fields are similar to custom fields in Textlocal and can be added when required. You can store personal information in a field that can then be used in your communications. Dotmailer automatically has fields for first and last name, gender and post code.

How do I create a @mobile@ data field?

You will need to create a data field such as @mobile@ to store your contact’s mobile numbers in dotmailer. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your dotmailer account.
  2. Click Contacts and then click Contact data fields.
  3. Navigate to My data fields and then New data field.
  4. Provide a name for the new data field such as Mobile.
  5. Set the Data type to Text.
  6. Leave the Default value.
  7. Click Save.
How to configure a mobile data field in dotmailer

Step 4: Connect Textlocal with dotmailer

To connect Textlocal to your dotmailer account, you will need to speak to your dotmailer account manager. You will also need an API key, which is a piece of alphanumeric code that allows applications and software to share information with another. You can create your API key in your Textlocal account, which will allow you to send SMS from dotmailer. When you sync Textlocal and dotmailer together, dotmailer will know which account it is connecting with from the API key, as it is unique to your Textlocal account.

How do I generate my API key?

To create your API key, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your Textlocal account.
  2. Go to Settings then All settings, scroll down and click API keys.
  3. Click Create New Key.
  4. Leave the IP Addresses section blank.
  5. Give your key a useful name in Notes such as dotmailer.
  6. Click Save New Key.
  7. When the page loads, your key will look something like this – t5xCiPhQzBc-3wC8rM3kfLCPr0VqFPKcfkScCdAu5Y
How to set up your Textlocal API key for dotmailer

Step 5: Add Textlocal's API key to dotmailer

You can now add Textlocal as an extension in your dotmailer account with your API key. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your dotmailer account.
  2. Go to Settings > Access > Extension profiles > Add.
  3. Select Textlocal as your provider type and click OK.
  4. Give your profile a name, paste in your Textlocal API key, then click Next.
  5. Set To as @mobile@ or the Customer Data Field you created earlier to store your customers mobile numbers.
  6. Set the Sender name as the name you would like your text messages to appear from on the recipients’ mobile phones. The Sender name can be alphanumeric, and between 3 and 11 characters.
  7. Click Save.
How to sync Textlocal with your dotmailer account

Step 6: Add SMS to your automation programs

In dotmailer, under your Program Nodes menu on the left-hand side of your Program Builder screen you will now see Textlocal as an Extension. To add SMS to your program, drag and drop the Textlocal Extension into the relevant step of your program.

How do I add content to my SMS?

To add content to your text message you will need to click on the Textlocal box once you have dragged and dropped it into your program. Follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Textlocal box to open the Textlocal window.
  2. Type your message and add relevant data fields to add personalised information.
  3. Click Apply once you’re finished.
  4. Your SMS will then be sent automatically at the relevant stage each time the program is triggered.