Forward a text message from a number to a group

We can forward a received message from a specific number to one of your Contact Groups. Great if you wish to bounce a quick message to a group of people when on the move! Select “Forward a text message from a number to a group” to switch on the function. Enter a number to watch for. We will only forward messages from this number (for your security). Enter in International format (UK 447xxxxxxxx). Select which group to bounce the message to from the dropdown. By selecting “Advanced Group Forward Template” you can configure how the message will be displayed on the handsets, appending your own text as required. You can comma separate numbers, or add “ALL” to accept messages from any number. Forwarding to a group will cost x number of credits (1 for each contact within the group) multiplied by the country multiplier. Just like a normal send from the control panel to a Contact Group.