Composing a text message

Simply type your message in the big box. As you type you will see a counter at the bottom showing how many characters have been used.

We support LONG SMS text messages. This means you can go over 160 characters – all the way up to 612, which is great when you have a lot to say!

A single message is up to 160 characters. 2 messages is up to 2 x 153 characters = 306. Why 2 x 153 and not 160? Well, there are 7 characters per message used to join the parts back together on your handset. 3 messages is up to 3 x 153 characters = 459. 4 messages is 4 x 153 = 612.

Don’t forget, you can merge in up to 5 data fields from your imported contacts.  You can also attach files, add weblinks and link to surveys, webpages and mobile tickets.

Messages can be scheduled and drip-fed throughout the day so you don’t flood your callcenter.