Textlocal is used by sports clubs, charities, community groups and other membership organisations of all sizes to boost member engagement. Text messaging is low-cost and cuts straight through the noise to reach recipients instantly and effectively. Text is simply the most effective way to deliver personalised tickets, alerts or cancellations about events or fixtures.

Meet member expectations

A key challenge facing membership organisations is engaging with their members in an increasingly digital world. The text messages you send will take just four seconds to reach peoples mobile phones.

  • Instantly inform people when something changes
  • Deliver images, videos, and many other types of content
  • Messages can be easily personalised with member details
  • Reach your members anywhere in the world and at any time

Gather essential feedback

Our SMS survey tool gives you the perfect opportunity to ask your members for their opinions and feedback. This could be the most useful information you gather all year.

  • The surveys take seconds to build and can include your branding
  • Recipients will find the surveys quick and easy to complete on their mobile device

Easily manage your contacts

Managing contacts in Excel or other systems? Our secure online text messaging platform is built around a simple to use address book:

  • Paste, write or upload your membership or contact list
  • File contacts into groups based on location, interest or other factors
  • Automatically personalise each text message to each recipient
  • Schedule alerts and reminders to go out in advance

Get up and running in minutes

Once you’ve signed up for an account, text messages can be sent to a group of people at the click of a button, far quicker than sending from a handset or by email.

  • Upload your contact names and numbers in seconds
  • Easily group contacts into different lists
  • Write your text message
  • Hit send
  • Time for tea and biscuits

Pricing for Charities

Registered UK charities can benefit from reduced message prices. Complete the charity sign-up page within your online account and, upon verification, we will apply the reduced rate to your account. Our charity rate is the lowest available. Sign up for an account today and our onboarding team will speak to you about our special charity rates.

Ensure your messages are seen. Find out how you can use SMS to send communications and enjoy an average 98% open rate

Pay-as-you-go pricing

We offer scalable prices on our text message bundles and because you pre-pay for the messages you send, you will never go over budget.

Control and approve messages

Create an account for local organisers and approve messages before they’re sent with our unique send approval service.

No contracts or commitments

There are no contracts or commitments to use our platform and for as long as your account is live, your message credits will never expire.

Send from any device

Not only send and receive messages from our online platform, send messages using email to SMS, automatically using our API or Zapier, or from our mobile App.

Speak to your own mobile messaging expert

If you need assistance, our team of customer service agents can help you can get the most out of your Textlocal account. The team helps thousands of organisations around the county communicate with members, sponsors, service users and other contacts. They can help you craft your messages and use the features in the platform to get the best use of your time and budget.

Using QR Codes to track attendees meant that Greenpeace staff could easily use mobile phones to generate a report on who attended.


  • Greenpeace – generate a report on who attended