Business SMS Services

Send and receive bulk SMS by email, online or through our simple SMS API

Whether you’re a small business, large retailer or national restaurant chain, businesses of all sizes and sectors can benefit from SMS. It’s a great way to stay in contact with your customers and employees, and make sure you’re always at the forefront of their mind.

Our award winning business SMS platform allows you to issue appointment reminders, distribute voucher codes, inform customers of the latest offers, send alerts to employees, and so much more. More than 165,000 businesses trust us to provide this service to them, at an affordable price.

Integrate your business with Textlocal

Textlocal’s API is highly recommended by developers for its flexibility and ease of use and is available to your business, completely free of charge. However, if you are looking for a quick and easy integrated solution, our Messenger platform can connect to over 500 applications using Zapier.

Send bulk SMS Online

Our award winning business SMS platform can reach large groups of clients, customers or employees in seconds. Whether you are sending sales promotions or publicising a sports or music event, our SMS platform will work for you.

Grow your business' contact list

Sign up today and claim your free SMS keyword short code to start building your contact list. Alternatively, our customer services team are on hand to help you claim a keyword that’s right for your business. Short codes and keywords can be printed on posters, vehicle signage, menus and used in direct mail campaigns. They provide a simple way of growing your contact list by collecting the mobile numbers of customers, diners or employees.

What are the benefits of business SMS?

There are many reasons why bulk SMS will benefit your business. Most notably, text marketing allows you to reach so many people – 93 per cent of Brits own a mobile phone. It’s rare that a text message is ignored, especially if the receiver knows that they will be rewarded for opening it.

Here are some more reasons why business SMS is vital:

  • It’s easy to target and segment your audience, so the right person receives the right messages
  • 97.5 per cent of messages are opened within five seconds of receipt
  • 75 per cent of consumers prefer to receive adverts via text than through other marketing channels
  • SMS-based discounts are much loved – they are ten times more likely to encourage a purchase compared with paper vouchers
  • It can help you build a relationship with your audience and create brand advocates
  • It can make, and save, you money

Our partnership with Textlocal has been incredibly helpful. Their team immediately understood how important it is for us to get candidates’ results to them quickly and efficiently on the morning of results day. The Textlocal team worked collaboratively with us throughout the planning process to ensure that their systems were ready, tested, and proven well in advance.

—Stuart Davidson, SQA

  • SQA – Our partnership with Textlocal has been incredibly helpful