Deliver a superior customer communication experience

Combine the reach and universal nature of SMS with the richness of multimedia messaging to deliver a superior customer communication experience.

Using Rich Messaging Templates, Custom Branding, Business Verification and intelligent Action buttons help create the ultimate messaging experience for your customers.

Create journeys through your business like providing updates on orders, making bookings or amending appointments. Your business is able to launch rich and interactive customer experiences x10 faster with our unified RCS API.

Intelligent communication for your customers and business

With RCS enable your customers to communicate responses quickly, at the tap of a button. Increase engagement rates and throughput by providing multiple defined suggestions that your customers can quickly navigate and respond to.

The types of suggestions your business can provide your customers can be multimedia based content. You can make use of high res imagery, video or audio. As these assets are stored in the cloud, it makes RCS a much faster way of sending and receiving content as vs more traditional methods.

Build and deploy custom rich communication journeys

With IMIconnect, our multichannel configurable solution, you can create bespoke flows to automate AI-based responses to inbound enquiries. Customers can contact your business through RCS and have intelligent and informed conversations resulting in outcomes like amending bookings or scheduling changes to parcel delivery dates.

The power of IMIconnect is in providing defined user journeys based on customer choices and preferences. This results in the best possible experience tailored and personalised to the user.

With IMIconnect, we can offer your business the opportunity to deliver these journeys through cutting edge digital channels like RCS, WhatsApp Business and Apple Business Chat.

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