Hold two-way SMS conversations, gather opted in contact details, create and schedule automatic replies, plus respond to customers with links, attachments, tickets and more.

We offer a range of number options for receiving text messages from your customers, staff or members. Including shared and dedicated numbers, 5-digit (short) and 11-digit (long) and free text inbound numbers.

By 2020, 48.65 million people will have opted in to receive business SMS. See how you can utilise this in our new white paper.

Receive texts on a short number

Charities do it, TV programmes do it, and you can do it too. Subscribe to a memorable keyword on a short number and you can use our suite of tools to create customer journeys that start with a single text message.

  • Gather opted in customer contacts
  • Respond to enquiries
  • Run competitions
  • Deliver tickets, vouchers and loyalty cards

Receive texts and replies on a long number

Get replies to your messages by using a long number (it’s a mobile number you use online). You can subscribe to a long number, or use a pooled number with our simple reply service, to receive replies to your texts and hold two-way SMS conversations.

  • Confirm appointments
  • Ask for information and feedback
  • Hold conversations via SMS

Use inboxes to manage your received messages

However you get a text message, you can configure your inbox settings to reply or forward it to make sure you never miss an opportunity.

Automatically respond

Send a text message back immediately or schedule responses (or both) and include any of our other features as part of the message.

Send an email

Ask customers to include their email address in the text, we’ll detect it so that you can send an email to them.

Store contacts in groups

Add contacts to a group, opt to store the message and their email address with the number.

Automatic forwarding

Inbound messages can be forwarded to a mobile phone, a contact group, to email addresses, to a URL or other online applications.

Keep talking

It doesn’t end with the first reply. If you use a long number or our simple reply service, you can keep one-to-one conversations going and manage it all online.


CardOneBanking customers can text ‘BALANCE’ to a short code to get an immediate update on their account balance.

Bespoke inbound text message options

Our dedicated team of world class mobile developers and campaign managers are available to any of our 165,000 customers. We can deliver bespoke development projects to suit your solution, software or marketing campaign. Speak to our team to see how we can help you.

Access our award-winning platform and see how easy it is to manage your inbox, set up auto replies and more

This is a fantastic way to communicate to staff who you may not see on a regular basis.  With a large pool of casual staff we needed a way to inform them of trade nights etc.  Textlocal provides us with an inexpensive way to communicate with those members of the team and we can almost 100% guarantee they will read the texts we send them.

—Daniel Carter, SOLT

  • SOLT – A very useful way to communicate