Gather customer insight

With your Textlocal account you can create multi-page  forms and surveys, asking any type of questions you need, to send as a clickable link in a text message.

Data collection fields such as tick boxes and radio buttons can be used for market research, while the star rating function provides a simple way for immediate customer or employee feedback. Your customers could also use the time and date pickers to make bookings and appointments whilst they’re on the move.

Affordable, accessible and convenient

Mobile surveys an forms are an affordable and convenient way to reach your customers, with a proven high response rate. The reporting functions in our online platform allows you to view and export your results, so your data is always accessible. You don’t need any developer skills to create them, simply configure your survey within our online platform.

Mobile forms and surveys features

Use radio buttons, time and date capture, free text fields and more to shape your survey.

Comprehensive reporting of results, including time, date and geo-location of response, and device information.

Add images and logos to increase customer confidence and engagement. Also, personalise surveys and forms with recipient information.

Set start and end times along with expiration messages.

Find out why SMS is so significant in today's market - Textlocal

Run mobile surveys to develop a greater understanding of your audience. Request feedback at a time that suits them.

Get started with mobile forms surveys

Learn how to create and send a mobile survey online. Our mobile survey tool is free to use. Sign up for a free Textlocal account today.

Textlocal’s Forms & Surveys tool was an ideal solution, combining sophisticated survey tools with the unparalleled open rates of SMS. We generated a 17% click through rate on mobile surveys and 9-10% response rate, considerably higher rates than are achieved with email or direct mail.

—SBS Insurance Services

  • Great way to increase response rates of customer feedback surveys