Upgrade to Messenger+

We’ve created Messenger+ to help you get more out of your account

Messenger+ brings together valuable account management features that allow you to customise your Textlocal account to your organisation’s needs.

Sub users and sub accounts

Add sub accounts under your master account, and add sub users at each level, each with their own login to build the user hierarchy you need. Each user has their own login and audit history, and can have shared or individual credit budgets.

Lockable templates and send approval

These features help users maintain the quality and consistency of their messages, especially cross-site or multi-disciplinary organisations.

  • Lockable templates limit sub users to only sending from approved templates, whilst still allowing message personalisation
  • Send Approval automates the process of checking and approving of sub users’ messages prior to, sending

Full audit trail

Messenger+ is supported with a full audit trail of what activities have been actioned, when and by whom, across your account. This helps keep things secure and accountable, and reduces the chances of any process breaches in a multi-user system.

Messenger+ features

Build your opt-in customer contact list

Choose a free keyword to use on one of our five-digit short codes.

Lockable SMS templates

Using pre-defined templates can help maintain brand and message consistency across multiple branches or departments.

Send surveys and forms to mobile devices

Send multiple mobile optimised surveys and data capture forms that you create within Messenger.

Dedicated account manager

As a Messenger+ user you will be supported by a named account manager, to make sure your campaigns run efficiently and to drive the best results for your business.

Send approval by Textlocal

Users can assign ‘moderator’ and ‘restricted’ user roles to create message approval workflows. Messages from restricted users are automatically sent to a moderation queue, which helps enforce consistency in branding and copy, and reduces the risk of sending unauthorised messages. This feature also promotes easier management and collaboration across multiple locations and departments by managing the SMS review process in a centralised, visible online platform.

I can honestly say that Textlocal have been very helpful, friendly and the best company to deal with when it comes to providing text message service. Thank you for a great service and well done for making the back-end so easy and efficient to use for our business.

—Ryan Brown, Elite Property Homes

  • Elite Property – Very Good Service Provider