IMIchat - the future of customer service communication

Easily interact with your customers across all digital and mobile messaging channels using IMIchat

Why conduct multiple conversations across numerous communication channels? IMIchat is an online platform that lets you combine two-way conversations over SMS, Facebook, Twitter and other messaging channels into a single window on your desktop.

IMIchat is perfect for customers on the move, or in situations where voice calls would be intrusive or impractical.

Improve customer service

  • Reduce call waiting times – customers want convenient ways to contact businesses, instead of being stuck in long call queues
  • Improve the customer experience – IMIchat is simple to use and accessible on the go

Increase productivity

  • Agents can handle more conversations – forget about juggling multiple channels and calls, IMIchat collates them all into one place
  • More efficient – easily direct chats to the most suitable agent and optimise contact centre resources

IMIchat Features

Simultaneous chat

Agents can handle multiple simultaneous chats, improving response times and boosting productivity.

Real-time dashboards

Supervisors have a real-time view of calls, queues, agent activity and much more.

Initiated chats

Agents can create cases themselves or via a message left by customers to ensure a query is seen to

Templates and filters

Supervisors can easily create message templates to ensure important customer facing communication meets your corporate guidelines and tone of voice

How does IMIchat work?

About IMImobile

In 2014, Textlocal joined IMImobile, a leading provider of mobile software and services. They are trusted by many large global organisations, including: O2, EE, Vodafone, Universal Music, the BBC and France Telecom.

Together, we help organisations harness mobile and digital channels to improve customer engagement and service delivery. By joining forces with IMImobile, we’re able to offer you an extended range of benefits and features, including IMIchat.

Download IMIchat features

IMIchat features

Because IMIchat is an online platform, there is nothing to download or install. There’s also nothing to upgrade or maintain on your desktops. Our specialists will set you up with access to IMIchat, and then your teams can access it through any standard web browser.

Read more about IMIchat’s features. Download the platform’s full brochure.

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