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Optimove helps businesses retain and develop customers by identifying the most effective marketing campaign and channel for each recipient. The platform analyses the different marketing channels your business use, and how individual customers respond to your messages to suggest the optimum marketing experience for each contact. The Textlocal and Optimove integration helps increase customer engagement by delivering personalised retention campaigns via SMS.

Come and speak with us

If you’re attending Optimove Connect 2018 then why not come and speak to us about how we can help your business deliver real-time notifications via our SMS API.

Our award-winning SMS platform is simple and easy to use. We are well established internationally allowing your business to connect with any mobile phone in 200+ countries, including the USA.

Optimove Connect 2018 - Textlocal

How does the Textlocal integration work?

Users create customisable messages in Textlocal, adding in elements such as attachments, links and vouchers to maximise customer engagement.

Optimove performs its analysis and instructs Textlocal to send particular messages out to specified contacts. Each Optimove contact has a unique ID which is mapped to a contact in Textlocal. Textlocal uses this ID to securely retrieve custom information from Optimove. This information is merged into SMS templates – sending personalised messages to each contact. To complete the loop, SMS reports are then fed back into Optimove.