Send SMS by FTP

Our FTP API is ideal for sending bulk one-off text messages or for batch processing from legacy CRM systems

The fastest, most scalable and reliable SMS FTP

Thousands of Textlocal customers trust in our reliable FTP API to upload large databases of contacts to send alerts and promotions in an instant. Our SMS FTP API is used for promotional campaigns, such as in the fast food and restaurant industry where a single discount code or promotion can be sent to a batch of hungry customers.

Start using our SMS FTP API

Find out how you can start using our FTP API to send thousands of text messages in an instant. Speak to one of our dedicated developers today or register for a free account to access our free API and supporting FTP documentation.

Very user-friendly, excellent service for sending bulk messages to customers!

—Adam Ellison, GAME Ltd

  • GAME Ltd – Excellent