Integrate Textlocal with dotmailer

Send personalised text messages as part of your dotmailer email campaigns with Textlocal’s SMS extension

You may already use email marketing in your business, but have you thought about including SMS to further enhance your multichannel marketing campaigns? With Textlocal’s extension, you can now integrate SMS as part of your dotmailer marketing messages, allowing you to send texts as well as email from your dotmailer account. To send SMS with dotmailer, you’ll need to sync both accounts together. Once synced, you can send instant, personalised SMS as part of your automation programs that can be scheduled or triggered to send at specific times throughout the campaign.

Send SMS with dotmailer

Who are dotmailer?

dotmailer are an online email marketing platform that allows you to send fully customisable and automated emails. You can design, build and schedule personalised, segmented outbound email campaigns. And now, with Textlocal’s extension, you can easily add outbound SMS to them too.

Integrate SMS with dotmailer email campaigns

Customise and automate SMS

dotmailer’s Program Builder can automate outbound SMS based on customer behaviour. You can customise your outbound SMS to be triggered by an event or action much like an opening of an email or a click of a link. You can also apply logic that adds decisions and even splits or delays your SMS. Simply drag and drop the Textlocal extension from your Program Nodes into the relevant section of your campaign and configure your text message.

Reach your customers with SMS

Here are a few examples of how sending SMS online can integrate with your dotmailer campaigns.

Send triggered SMS

Send SMS when a user opens an email, or clicks a link. You can also set logic that fires targeted SMS if users haven’t opened their email for a set period.

Use SMS as a reminder

Follow up an email with SMS to remind your customers of a soon to expire offer, booking confirmation or low credit balance.

Customer engagement

Contact customers in their preferred way for a more holistic marketing approach.

Engaging customer journeys

Combine both methods of communication to further increase the likelihood of your promotion, reminder or alert being read.

Quick responses

SMS works well when a quick direct response is needed such as, “call us if you can’t make tomorrow’s appointment.”

Save time

You can send SMS and email all from one platform, saving you time and effort.

Sign up to dotmailer

Create a dotmailer account

Don’t have an account with dotmailer? Sign up today to start integrating SMS  as well as email into your marketing campaigns.

How to set up dotmailer with your Textlocal account - Textlocal knowledge base

Learn how to configure Textlocal with dotmailer

Start sending SMS with our our step by step guide to setup Textlocal with dotmailer. We’ve also created a frequently asked questions document, where you can see which Textlocal features are available within dotmailer.

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