Phone is Where the Heart Is: How the Property Industry Can Benefit from SMS

One of the country’s leading property companies, ZPG, has reported that an incredible 75% of all visits to its house hunting platforms are made on mobile devices.

With this staggering figure in mind, we ask: how can estate agents fully harness the power of mobile to increase sales and boost customer satisfaction?

With 79.14 million active mobile devices in the UK – the highest number to date – commonly kept by users’ sides for more than 16 hours a day, it’s easy to see why house hunters are taking their search to their mobile phones.  We’ll be exploring how property developers and estate agents can take advantage of these facts and use SMS to engage with both vendors and prospective buyers whilst reducing their own operational costs throughout the entire house selling process: from initial data capture, right through to post-completion feedback.

Engage with the Time-Poor

With modern lives busier than ever, house hunters are facing reduced time to dedicate to searching and researching potential properties. Therefore, it’s essential that potential leads can quickly and easily opt-in to receive further information on a property of interest. Here’s where SMS is the ideal solution: rather than finding the time call an agent during their open hours after spotting a board, then attempt to describe the property and request further details, agents can take advantage of short codes.

Using the most extreme example of time-pressured house hunters, we have worked with leading estate agents Strutt & Parker to advertise a new development via short codes on motorway boards. As motorists quickly drive by on their daily commutes, they only have a quick moment to glance at the information: using the simple keyword ‘HOUSE’ linked with a short, easy-to-recall number, potential leads could simply send a text to receive information on the development.

Easing the Customer Journey

There’s no doubt about it, SMS reminders are life savers for both businesses and their customers – helping users remember their many appointments, which then leads to a reduction in ‘no shows’, a huge drain on time and resources for businesses. In fact, our State of SMS research found that 64% of respondents found appointment and booking reminders to be the most useful form of SMS business communications.

For both estate agent and viewer, block booking appointments is time-saving – however, whereas agents will be diligent in noting all appointment details, the same cannot be said for viewers. It is most certainly not uncommon for potential buyers to forget or to incorrectly note down the exact times and addresses – which is where SMS reminders can be hugely beneficial for your property business’ bottom line. To further ensure that negotiators’ time is not wasted by viewers who don’t turn up, agents can take advantage of the simple reply feature to reminders where users must reply in order to confirm the viewing.

SMS reminder and updates don’t have to be limited to the initial viewing process either – buyers, hopeful tenants, vendors and landlords can all be kept up to date with the progression of their sale or let via text message. Proactively sending out text messages will help keep customers happy and boost reputation (leading to a higher chance of recommendations to others), and will also mean that your team will be able to spend their time progressing the sale rather than taking multiple calls from both customer parties wishing to be updated on the sale!

Look Back to Move Forward

Following a successful sale, estate agents and property developers can then gather feedback via SMS. Our ‘Survey Logic’ feature is the only functional SMS survey tools, and offer businesses the ability to gain the most in-depth customer insights to date.

Last year more than 50% of surveys were conducted on mobile devices, and it’s easy to see why. SMS surveys give users a quick, easy, on-hand means to provide feedback, and new developments mean user friendliness and satisfaction will lead to increased response rates. Surveys can be dynamically tailored to each recipient, meaning each respondent is taken down a personalised path by sending the next relevant questions based on previous responses – meaning customer time is not wasted with irrelevant or long-winded questions.

Using SMS gives property businesses the opportunity to communicate with users efficiently and proactively throughout the customer journey, meaning both happier customers and reduced costs. Why not check out our property sector case studies to find out more, or set up a free account?


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