When it comes to modern day marketing trends, recent research reveals that apps, social media and mobile advertising aren’t as effective as we first thought. In fact, consumers are starting to truly believe that ‘old is gold’.

There are some things in life that are completely timeless and irreplaceable. For instance, despite the gradual depletion of CDs in favour of digital downloads, there’s been a real upsurge in record sales over the past couple of years. In December 2016, The Guardian even reported that vinyl overtook digital sales for the first time in the UK.

And that’s not forgetting the recent craze for bicycles with baskets and the world domination of Pokemon Go last summer.

You see, nostalgia is energising millennials and evoking happy memories, which in turn, helps to form new trends and create an unparalleled business opportunity.

In marketing, so many businesses are rushing to use the most popular channels, that they’re ironically making it harder for themselves. What I mean by this is that the newer trends are so popular, that it instantly becomes cluttered. This in turn can often lead to consumers either boycotting it or simply ignoring your marketing message altogether.

My advice? Give the consumers what they want.

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