With thousands of computers subject to the recent global cyber-attack, I decided to explore the ways in which you can protect your business or organisation’s credibility and safeguard yourself from future disruptions – starting with SMS alerts.

It’s been far from an average weekend around the world. As you’re probably aware, the WannaCry ransomware cyber-attack has hit more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries since Friday. The virus demands money in return for unfreezing computers.

In total, 61 NHS organisations have been disrupted, while US logistics giant FedEx, Russia’s interior ministry, and Germany’s rail network Deutsche Bahn also suffered similar issues.

Is your computer at risk?

The WannaCry ransomware only infects computers running Windows operating systems. If you haven’t carried out an update in the past couple of days or act carelessly while opening and reading emails, then your business or organisation could be at risk.

Using firewalls and anti-virus software is another great way to protect yourself. It’s also very important (if you haven’t already) to back up your data. This way, if you were infected by WannaCry, you wouldn’t need to pay the £230 ransom as you could simply restore the data.

Are you prepared for future cyber-attacks?

With email communications subject to the WannaCry ransomware and further cyber-attacks, there’s no time like the present to explore business SMS.

Although email still holds an important purpose in today’s workplace, this global malware should serve as a major wake up call to businesses and organisations across the UK.

As a channel, text messaging averages a 98% open rate, while 90% of those are usually consumed within the first three minutes. This not only outweighs the effectiveness of email marketing and communications, but it also emphasises the instantaneous response. This is hugely important when you consider the ever-increasing challenge businesses face with spam filters while contacting prospects and customers.

Here at Textlocal, our award-winning platform and dedicated team singles out inappropriate communications. Thus, making business SMS incredibly safe from data breaches.

From a practical sense, the cyber-attack couldn’t have happened at a more inappropriate time. While most people were clocking off for the weekend, this cyber-attack was causing serious disruptions across the world.

This point is particularly casing for UK IT companies. To make their clients aware, a simple SMS alert could have instantly notified a business owner about the issue and prompted them into taking any necessary actions. Or on the other hand, an automated SMS could notify IT teams when a business’s system is malfunctioning.

Give SMS a go today

The truth is, although a humble SMS wouldn’t be able to prevent this kind of cyber-attack, it would offer your business or organisation an added option to keep customers, clients and patients informed.

So, if your local GP surgery was unable to access any files, a simple text message could notify a patient of this and save them a car journey. Or if a business owner was away for the weekend, one SMS could alert them to back up their files as a precaution. It would also reduce the need for intrusive and time-consuming phone calls.

Don’t rely on just the conventional means of communication, safeguard your business’s reputation by using SMS.

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