Want to achieve a top ROI, cracking response rate, and an improved customer experience in your next SMS marketing campaign? Then you might want to consider using some of these smart and sophisticated features.

A lot has changed since the days of a plain 160-character business SMS. In recent years, text messaging has rapidly emerged as the UK’s fastest growing marketing channel, with over 33 million people opting in to receive SMS.

And with western civilisation systematically addicted to their smartphones, it’s important that your business SMS campaigns deliver a highly engaging experience to grab their attention. That’s why we’ve unearthed some of our extra useful features, which you might not have used before.

Mobile tickets and vouchers

Enhance your SMS marketing campaigns with mobile tickets and vouchers. Whether you have an event and would prefer to digitally send a customer their ticket, or have an enticing offer you’d like to promote with a special voucher, this feature could really help improve your business.

Mobile tickets not only speed up the entry process, but they also help to preserve the environment. While vouchers are a great way to create exclusivity and brand loyalty, increase footfall, and generate more revenue. For instance, Lookers achieved a 4,000% return on investment and beat the likes of John Lewis and Audi to win two national awards from just one SMS voucher campaign!

SMS loyalty cards

Building a strong brand foundation to encourage repeat business is super important, especially when we’re faced with so many options today.

Loyalty cards are a great way to get customers through the door again. Just include a freebie or money off as an incentive, and you’ll start to notice an increase in repeat customers.

However, producing a special card is not only costly, but it’s an inconvenience for the customer. I have so many loyalty cards, my wallet is chunkier than a Kit Kat Chunky!

Mobile loyalty cards are instant, personalised and easily attainable. After all, how often do you forget your smartphone?

Customisable mobile web page

You can make your SMS marketing campaigns more attractive by creating your own mobile friendly landing page.

There are no character limitations on a mobile web page, allowing you to add extra detail to support a business text message campaign. With the Textlocal platform, you can easily add your logos, colours, images, and wording to your mobile landing page, ensuring your communications stay on brand.

Any landing page that you build is specifically designed for the small mobile phone screen and you’ll be able to successfully track any visitors with advanced web page reporting.

Text surveys and forms

Trying to guess what a customer wants is like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why many businesses will conduct a simple survey or questionnaire. Sure, it all sounds great in principle, but trying to get your customers to actually complete it is another kettle of fish altogether.

However, with text surveys and forms, customers have the ease of completing it in their own time. You can personalise your survey with radio buttons, time and date capture, free text fields, images, and logos. So, when a customer has visited your business, used your services, or attended an event, you can easily gather their feedback and preferences for next time.

SBS Insurance Services used SMS forms and surveys to collate client feedback. As a result, they generated a 17% click through rate and 9-10% response rate, which was considerably higher than what they achieved with email or direct mail.

Email to SMS

Buying every member of your call centre team a mobile phone simply isn’t feasible. But with the Email to SMS feature, you can combine the simplicity of business SMS with the convenience of email.

This feature enables your business to send secure, instant, personalised business text messages from any email platform using our SMS gateway. By doing this, your whole team can access any customer enquiries and instantly reply via email, allowing your business to speed up processes and significantly reduce costs.

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