Forget frustrating call queues and cheesy hold music, this company has revolutionised the way customers interact with them via the means of business SMS.

Hate wasting 10-20 minutes on hold when you’re trying to contact a business? The good news is that one company has found a solution which not only makes people’s lives easier, but also saves businesses valuable resource and time.

The only drawback for UK consumers is that this new innovation hasn’t quite reached these shores just yet. However, there are some top lessons for businesses around the country.

Improving the customer experience with business SMS

According to the Hindustan Times, Indian power company, Noida, are going to send electricity bills via business SMS to their customers.

The officials said that the business text messaging service will help their customers keep up to date with their bills and speed up the process of making a payment.

Consumers can either opt-in to receive their bills via business SMS online or by texting ‘bill’ followed by their electricity account number to 5616195.

Although this process might not be regulated by banks, this news marks a real turning point in the way utility companies are approaching their billing and communication processes. A simple business SMS can allow you to gather customer feedback, request a call back and reduce missed payments. This is particularly important considering most of us live our lives in the fast lane, so a monthly bill or a payment reminder sent via SMS can give a consumer a gentle kick up the bum! (I know I certainly need it sometimes.)

Give customers what they want

I recently received a bill through the post asking me to pay a little more than usual. (Sigh.) I had the evidence to prove that I wasn’t the one who should be paying the bill, yet I had to go through a whole process before it could be rectified.

First, I sat on the phone for 12 minutes and 37 seconds (not that I was counting or anything), before a member of the call centre took my call. And once I got through, the advisor told me I had to write a letter. I almost choked on my custard cream and brew when he told me this. A letter? I may have said “no worries” to the advisor, but I certainly wasn’t thinking it.

Not only did I waste around 12 minutes on my phone listening to Natasha Bedingfield, but I then had to take more time out of my day to rectify someone else’s mistake.

But before I bore you to death with my Victor Meldrew rant, I’ll get to the point. Not only did the utility company waste my time, but they wasted their own as well.

You see, humans have turned their attentions to mobile phones. In fact, a recent study by British psychologists revealed that an average young person spends five hours a day on their device. We’re constantly texting, tweeting and snapping around the clock.

So, why aren’t more utility companies taking a leaf out of Noida’s book? Especially when 98% of text messages are opened and 90% of these will be read within the first three minutes.

Research conducted for our latest white paper: Mobile marketing for small to medium size businesses, revealed that 91% of people welcome a business SMS. With this in mind, surely it makes sense to give the consumer what they want? It not only streamlines processes, but it also improves the customer experience.

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