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Find out how the singer-songwriter’s chart domination could help you Divide your competition and Multiply your Q2 revenue.

Call in The A-Team, I want what Ed Sheeran is having right now – sustained, record-breaking success.

Hit after hit, the cheeky red-head is the definition of trending. He’s all over the internet, our television screens and serenading our ears on the radio. Where most musicians struggle to get past two albums, Ed Sheeran seems to be growing in popularity. One thing’s for sure, he’s cracked the music industry and doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to stop.

Give me, give me, give me I hear you say. Well, lucky for you I’ve included some key lessons which will help your business achieve your very own slice of ‘Ed mania’. (Aren’t I nice!)

Build a brand customers love

Gone are the days when Michael Jackson was moonwalking his way to the bank with Thriller and The Beatles were producing multiple hit records every year. Albums are harder to shift. That’s why we see bands and artists still promoting the same album one year on from the initial release.

Ed Sheeran, Adele and a handful of bands break the mould. And you know why? Because of who they are. Yes, yes, the music they’re producing is good, but it’s their personalities which we really love. When Adele talks, we almost feel like we’ve seen her down the local Spoons ordering a couple of pints. And when Ed Sheeran surprises an Australian couple on their wedding day to sing during their first dance, we all reach for the Kleenex.

The bottom line is, we’re in love with them, and that’s something all businesses should learn from. Let’s face it, a window company selling double-glazing isn’t sexy. But if you employ a witty bloke called Jack to do the sales call, we (as customers) fall in love with the company. Or the hilarious advert for the Squatty Potty produced by the Harmon Brothers makes a dull product fun (seriously, you need to watch the video). Invest in your company’s brand and your customers will invest in you.

Diversity is key

If you haven’t listened to Ed Sheeran’s new ÷ (Divide) album, it’s like tucking into a packet of Revels. From Irish folk to acoustic ballads, he’s covered most preferences. In a recent radio interview, Sheeran even admitted that he released Castle on the Hill and Shape of You together to appeal to the different demographics listening to Radio 1 and 2.

A stroke of genius if you ask me. His incredible success largely boils down to one fact: he’s uniting different generations. And after the whirlwind of Brexit and Trump, it’s just what the world needs.

In business terms, don’t be afraid to diversify your service and product offerings. For example, if you own a small restaurant, are you going to offer the same menu all year round? You need to adapt and make sure you’re covering all angles. Are there enough fish options? Have you thought about vegetarians?

Even if you’re a niche business, this point is still relevant. A travel cruise company could simply offer a few extra destinations for their customers to enjoy, or a customised greetings card company could start to include flowers for an extra cost.

Combining a thorough understanding of your audience with thinking outside of the box can propel your business, leaving your more unimaginative competition in the dust.

Give, give, give

Back when Ed Sheeran was a wee nipper (or before his first album really took off), he used to do free concerts around the world. Tickets to see the rising star were so few and far between that he even put on extra gigs just to accommodate all of his fans.

SMS marketing for small businesses

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The moral of the story? Be prepared to give and you’ll be rewarded in return. Ed Sheeran was born to perform, he used to busk for money before he hit the big time. The same principle applies with your business, or the business you work for. Ask yourself: are you passionate about what you do? Do you believe in what you’re selling? If so, don’t be afraid to offer free samples of a new product, give a free trial to any stubborn customers, or produce free content on social media sites. Heck, I’m doing it right now!

Marketing and business isn’t always all about the sale, it’s about nurturing. Ed Sheeran gave something back before he even had anything at all. In exchange, his following grew and people took notice. The most important factor is to get your brand out there, even if it does cost you time, money, and resource. Do this, and you’ll be rewarded.

Explore new things

Finally, my pièce de résistance, or in the world of music; my encore. As I briefly mentioned before, Ed Sheeran’s new ÷ (Divide) album covers a huge array of musical genres. From the Irish-folk hits: Galway Girl and Nancy Mulligan, to the African-inspired track: Bibia Be Ye Ye.

Not only did Ed Sheeran aim to appeal to a larger demographic, but he also wanted to try new things. Similar to the story of the shark and the rooster, marketing isn’t about using the same avenues time and time again. A company that stands still and doesn’t evolve with the trends, is most likely doomed to fail.

With that in mind, have you ever considered using business SMS? Research for our latest white paper: Mobile marketing for small to medium size businesses, found that business SMS is the UK’s fastest growing marketing channel. The total number of consumers that have opted in to receive SMS marketing from brands and businesses stands at 33.67 million. That’s 3 million people more than Facebook. Yet, are you using it? Or if you are, can you hand on heart, say that you are utilising business text messaging to its full potential?

98% of text messages are opened, while 90% are read within the first three minutes. The stats add up. You know there’s a market for business SMS, just like Ed Sheeran knew there was a market for Irish-folk! The key is to give new things a go.

So, if you want to make your Q2 marketing campaigns a hit, try business text messaging today with Textlocal.

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