Despite Facebook boasting around 30 million users in the UK, according to Weebly, 62% of small business owners believe boosted Ads are missing their targets. The question is: are they?

If every man and his dog is on Facebook (or in this case, around 30 million), then it’s just to assume that it’s a fertile advertisement brand. However, the trick is trying to reach these people. That’s where Facebook Ads come in.

A staggering 50% of mobile display spend is poured into the social media platform, yet only 9% of users view the medium as a marketing channel. But does this explain why 62% of small business owners said that their Facebook Ads are missing the mark?

Is Facebook the place to be?

There’s no doubt that Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is the one stop shop to be seen and recognised. By creating a page, it enables SMEs, corporate brands and even communities to collate and deliver information in a digestible way.

One small business owner recently told the web-hosting service, Weebly, that they “rarely have ever gotten sales through Facebook.”

They added: “Facebook is like walking around at a party and passing out business cards, trying to sell your products to friends who would rather be socialising than dealing with a sales attempt.”

Granted, Facebook delivers the exposure and a simple method of setting up boosted posts, but thousands of businesses still don’t believe they work. Of those surveyed by Weebly, a staggering 82% of business owners stated that they’ve spent less than £40 on Facebook ad campaigns because they view the platform as an implausible risk.

And then there’s the results. The survey established that many small businesses were creating loads of impressions, but were receiving little or no conversions.

Of course, some will argue that you can organically grow your Facebook presence without even spending a penny. After all, if the content is engaging, relevant and interesting to your target audience, then there’s no reason why Facebook Ads couldn’t work.

However, when it comes to growth and conversions, it’s all down to the individual business, the current economic climate, and to a certain degree; luck. For example, if Mr. Jones is in a desperate need for some Roman Blinds, but happens to be off on his jollies on the week that you’ve posted your big deal via Facebook Ads – then there’s nothing you can do.

Alternatives to social media

There is another medium that small businesses can try. SMS marketing.

With an open rate of 98% and an average response rate of 32%, there simply isn’t a more effective means of communication out there.

Despite these impressive figures, research made by mobilesquared in our latest white paper, suggests that only 36% of SMEs are using SMS to communicate with their opt-in mobile customer database. This figure is surprisingly low given that 33.67 million mobile users in the UK have opted in to receive SMS marketing from businesses in 2016, a figure which accounts for 65% of mobile users aged 18 plus, or 52% of the total population.

In comparison to Facebook, a mammoth 75% of UK mobile users now own a smartphone. Text messaging is also instant. Most people carry their phones around with them at all times, so instead of waiting for your target audience to log in to Facebook, you have a 90% chance of them reading your message within the first three minutes.

Beat giant brands on a small budget today

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