With bad weather forecast this week, find out how you can instantly keep employees, citizens, or students safe and satisfied.

The BBC weather centre have announced a weather warning in the past couple of days. This can cause all sorts of problems for businesses, schools, clubs and councils.

Bad weather can lead to more road accidents and pedestrian injuries. Consequently, this not only endangers people as they move about during the day, but also increases the work load across the UK. For example, the fire brigade has to help stranded cars, while congestion builds on one road because the other was closed.

It’s not all doom and gloom

Text messaging is the best possible method for updating people during bad weather. Whether that’s a business park notifying people they are closed, or a school telling parents it’s a snow day (yay).

We all know calling every person on your list is out of the question, and not to mention time-consuming. With bulk SMS, you can send out quick fire weather alerts in minutes for a small cost.

SMS boasts a 98% open rate, with 90% of those being read within the first three minutes. To put it simply, there isn’t a more effective way to send out important weather alerts.

If it’s not safe to drive or walk this week, you shouldn’t leave it to chance. A simple and humble text message can reduce the frustration of a wasted journey and even save lives.

Businesses can let their employees know that they should work from home, as the office is closed for safety reasons. While council’s can send flood and storm warnings and offer alternative travel routes in real-time. Sport clubs and community groups can let people know that the next upcoming event is off in advance.

SMS also allows you to include images, attachments, and links. This is particularly useful in the health sector, so that your local GP can instantly send you a website link with alternative appointment dates.

Send an SMS alert today

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