According to the Mail Online – by the end of the year, airline pilots and air traffic controllers at most of the nation’s busiest airports are set to start using text communications.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) believes using SMS will reduce delays, prevent errors and save billions of dollars in fuel costs.

Before take-off, dozens of planes have to wait for instruction. This process can take 30 minutes or longer with air traffic controllers having to communicate to pilots by monotonously spelling out instructions using the radio alphabet.

Instead, controller and pilots will start sending text messages using a new system called Data Comm. Delta Air Lines estimates that this new system can shave one minute off the time it takes a plane to taxi for take-off. Spreading this technology over their fleet of planes could save them about £15 million a year.

The FAA has estimated that Data Comm will also save airlines more than £8 billion over the next 30 years and the government another £0.8 billion.

This news really does say a lot about the growing need for SMS platforms in today’s market. With 98% of text messages being read within three minutes, there’s no quicker and more efficient way to get your message across.

SMS can save you money, time and valuable resource

You might be surprised about all of the capabilities SMS can offer. From sending out school closure updates during the winter months, to attaching a voucher enticing customers to visit your store on Black Friday. SMS will get your message across.

Our latest white paper research suggests that there are 33.67 million mobile users in the UK that have opted in to receive text messages from brands and businesses. And with that figure expected to rise to 48.65 million by 2020, anyone serious about marketing their products and services should take note of SMS.

Or if you’re not trying to sell things, just take Delta Air Lines by example. They’ve identified the benefits of using text messaging as a seamless communication tool. And by doing this, they’ve streamlined their take off process and will save themselves billions of dollars.

So whether you’re in the public sector, an SME or a global brand – the scope of text messaging is unequivocal, relatively untapped and ready to use.

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