Textlocal supplies the NHS and public sector with G-Cloud 8

Textlocal is delighted to reveal that we will continue to provide SMS services to public sector organisations, following the launch of G-Cloud 8.

What is G-Cloud 8?

G-Cloud is a portal that provides public sector bodies with easy access to listings of approved suppliers for cloud-computing solutions, and 8 is the latest iteration. Textlocal is one of those listed suppliers.

Why is it important to be a listed supplier?

With G-Cloud 8, there’s no time-consuming tendering process involved. You can access our high-value, low-cost SMS services easily. G-Cloud essentially removes all the hassle because as a listed supplier, you can be sure our security, processes and platforms have all been examined and approved by the UK government, giving you greater reassurance that you’ll receive a fantastic service from us.

What does Textlocal have to offer public sector organisations?

Our SMS service allows you to send text alerts, appointment reminders, public sector employee alerts and community campaigns quickly and easily. These can either be sent through our award-winning platform or our versatile API and Email to SMS service.

Need us to work alongside any systems you currently have in place? No problem – our in-house development team can integrate our systems seamlessly with yours. This means you can save both money and time, as you won’t need to train your staff to use any new platforms.

Why are appointment reminders vital for public sector organisations?

One of the many public sector organisations we work with is the NHS, which according to its official figures, sees almost 19 million appointments missed every year. If SMS reminders were implemented across the board, the organisation could save as much as £162 million a year – enough to six million X-ray scans, 108 gallstone operations or 655,870 ambulance call-outs!


How can text alerts help public sector organisations?

Text alerts have a wide variety of uses, from letting internal staff know about important meetings, to keeping in contact with clients outside the organisation. With 93 per cent of Brits owning a mobile phone, text is the quickest and simplest way to contact people, and it’s one of the most cost-effective, too.

For example, some schools choose to keep in touch with parents by sending them text messages to let them know when the school is closed, what date they need permission slips to be handed in by and when the next school assembly is. With the average person checking their mobile phone 85 times a day, it’s a much more efficient method than email or letter.

Textlocal really is the best choice for your organisation’s SMS needs, and the fact we’re now a listed G-Cloud 8 supplier proves that! You’ll save so much time on tender processes since we’ve already been vetted and approved, and setting up your solution is easy, even if you have existing systems in place.

When you’re ready to have a chat about our services, get in touch by giving us a ring on 01244 752 299 or send us an email at info@textlocal.com.

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