We’ve all seen the news stories about when marketing goes horribly (or comically) wrong. Whether it’s a typo, an oversight, or plain old sabotage, a great number of campaigns have gone wayward – with even the highest-profile companies affected. It’s little surprise, then, that even a slight mistake can make national news.

Just recently, the Labour Party sent out an email to its members laying out its support for staying in the EU. However, a technical glitch meant the messages were sent leading with: “Dear Firstname.” Author John O’Farrell was among the recipients and duly shared a screen grab of the message on Twitter, saying: “Hey Labour, it’s ‘Mr. Lastname’ to you.” For a brief time O’Farrell even changed his profile on the social network to ‘Firstname Lastname’. The fallout was spread far and wide, with the Independent, Spectator and Telegraph among the biggest names reporting on it.

Elsewhere, US travel company Banner Travel Services famously placed a Yellow Pages advert promoting ‘exotic’ holidays. An unfortunate typo changed this to ‘erotic’, though, which eventually cost Yellow Pages more than $10 million (£7 million) in compensation.

There was a similarly costly outcome for Companies House when it reported on the wrong engineering firm going bankrupt. As a result of the (incorrect) information, 3,000 suppliers ended their contracts and the firm folded within two months – for which the UK government had to stump up £8 million in compensation.

This shows just how costly and far-reaching the implications are for these mistakes; businesses would do well to ensure they don’t fall into the same trap. Thankfully, Textlocal has made avoiding such errors a great deal easier.

The Textlocal solution

Send Approval is our newest Messenger feature, which was designed to prevent users from sending out unapproved messages. It works by providing senior company stakeholders with the option to review, approve or reject messages before they are sent. This way it places messages through additional scrutiny to avoid errors (intentional or otherwise) from slipping through the net.

Send Approval has six main features:
Authorisation: Defined user roles mean that only authorised users can send messages.
Consistency: Branding and content is consistent and protected.
Visibility: Both parties can view message statuses and deadlines.
Efficiency: Automated processes make it quicker and slicker than manual alternatives.
Collaboration: It facilitates teamwork across offices and locations.
Delegation: Managers can delegate message creation to their teams without fear.

What Send Approval offers

Imagine a hairdresser’s that sees 40 customers a day. Each customer is sent a message on the day before their appointment, to remind them of the time and prompt action if they can no longer attend. The writing and sending of these messages is left to the receptionist or customer service team, as it’s too much for the manager to fit in. However, messages have previously been sent out containing typos, errors or incorrect information.

Instead of having to take on the writing herself, the boss can continue to delegate these messages to staff, but have final say on each one before they’re sent thanks to the message approval process. Furthermore, it has the additional benefit of identifying common mistakes so they can be rectified.

With this all being an integrated feature of Messenger, it does away with lengthy and time-consuming email chains. Instead, everything can be managed centrally, which also drives down mistakes and misinterpretations.

Send Approval goes a long way to prevent mistakes from creeping into your campaigns. Whilst the SMS approval process won’t remove risks altogether, it can certainly make it less likely that mistakes derail all your hard work and effort. After all, you don’t want to make the same mistake as St Mary’s Primary School.

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