Infographic – Finance and Insurance

Discover how SMS messaging is used in the finance and insurance industry to deliver amazing results

With consumers increasingly irritated by unsolicited messages and marketing outreach, finance and insurance companies have increasingly been seeking the consent of consumers when providing marketing communications. Not only is this arguably a more ethical approach, and certainly less annoying for those members of the public who aren’t interested in the services of a particular finance or insurance company; it’s also been really successful.

Over 5.5 million people have opted in to receiving messages from finance and insurance companies, and we expect this figure to rise to over 5.86 million people by the end of 2015. Clearly this represents a massive opportunity to businesses in the finance and insurance sectors; the infographic below further breaks down the statistics, to better demonstrate just how large a demographic are ready and willing to receive marketing communications in this particular area.

For more information on how bulk SMS can be sued for businesses within the financial services sector, take a look at some of our latest financial services mobile marketing case studies.

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