Entertainment industry infographic

SMS messaging in the entertainment industry

The entertainment sector is at a crossroads when it comes to marketing, traditional methods of reaching consumers are seemingly having the opposite of the desired effect, angering and disconnecting users; instead of informing and attracting them.

It seems like everyone and their dog is complaining about how intrusive advertising is these days; whether it’s the much maligned calls of a telemarketer, or the irritating adverts you’re forced to sit through before watching a video on the web; it’s clear that this form of advertising is not very popular with consumers, and therefore not very effective at promoting the entertainment company that produced them.

At Textlocal, we do things differently. The consumers who receive our marketing SMS messages must have consented to receiving our communications, and therefore the messages that we communicate are readily received and absorbed. Our service allows entertainment companies to reach a larger, more receptive audience than traditional marketing methods; we have compiled the infographic of entertainment sector SMS marketing statistics below, to reinforce our case.

If you operate in the entertainment industry and are considering mobile marketing, take a look at some of our SMS entertainment case studies.

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