SMS for your helpdesk

You’ve probably heard all about it by now. Text messaging is an increasingly popular tool for providing support to customers.

Whether it’s because people prefer it to social media, or waiting in a lengthy call queue, or because it’s quick and easy to implement, more and more customer services teams are switching on to the concept of providing support by SMS.

With Textlocal’s Zapier integration, it’s easier than ever before to implement a mobile friendly helpdesk, with a wide range of support software that you may already be using. If you’re not familiar with Zapier our integrations page explains it all. Here we give you the run-down of some of the more popular support apps, and what you can do with them…

Integrate Messenger with Freshdesk

Freshdesk’s comprehensive helpdesk solution offers multichannel support options – email, live chat, facebook, twitter, in-app – and now, with our Zapier integration, SMS.

You can set up an inbound SMS channel in Messenger, using a Dedicated Inbound Number or a keyword on a short code (check out this blog for advice on which to choose), that your customers can use to text in support requests. With a little Zapier magic, this can then be converted into a new ticket in Freshdesk, ready for your team to follow up.

If you’re providing support out-of-hours, or your team are out and about, you could also trigger a text message to be sent to them whenever a new ticket comes in, so you can ensure they respond quickly. With most texts opened within minutes, there’s no faster way to get a response.

In fact, you can do all sorts of support management with a text message, from adding notes to a ticket to creating a new forum topic. You’re also able to manage your Freshdesk users and Messenger contacts, so that you’ve got the same customer details in both accounts. Easy.

Integrate Messenger with

One of the great things about is that it connects seamlessly with Salesforce, so you can keep all of your customer records together. Handily, we’re able to connect with both the Salesforce end and the end, so you can take all of your customer communications mobile.

By tying your and Salesforce accounts together with your Messenger account, you’re able to create a more seamless customer experience. You can open up an SMS helpline, where customers can text in their issues. Zapier can use an inbound text message in your Messenger account to trigger a case in, so your teams can react straight away.

You can create seamless integration between your customer lists in Salesforce, and Messenger, so you’ve got all the information you need. The joy of this automation is that any member of your team on Salesforce can send a text response straight out to your customer – or you can text your service team when a case comes in out of hours.

Integrate Messenger with Helpscout

Helpscout’s ethos is all about keeping it personal, something we can really get on board with! They’re also big on automating the little things, so adding automated SMS to the mix works beautifully.

As well as all the standard things you can do, like receiving a text message that creates a conversation in Helpscout, and sending out a text when a new conversation has been created, there are some cool extra little integrations, or ‘zaps’ that you can create.

Say you’ve allocated a conversation to a specific person – you can automatically trigger a text that lets them know. Alternatively, users can send a text message that opens a new conversation to a customer – perhaps if they hear news of a fix when they’re away from their PC.

Integrate Messenger with Intercom

Intercom’s platform contains a lot more than just a helpdesk. They offer marketing automation, live chat and feedback tools too, with email, in-app and push messaging – but not SMS. Until now.

Connecting Messenger and Intercom together with Zapier allows you to automate a range of SMS tasks. Like with the other helpdesk apps we’ve covered, you can send a new message when a conversation is created, but as you can do more with Intercom, you can do more with the Messenger integration.

Create or update a new user in Intercom when someone texts in to your short code or inbound number, or perhaps create a new message within the Intercom app. Get a text when someone unsubscribes to your emails, or move that contact into a new group in Messenger. Send a text to your sales team when a new lead comes in, or send a congratulatory notification when a lead converts to a sale.

You can do so much more when you connect Messenger to Intercom!

Integrate Messenger with Zendesk

This is the big one – you can create more connected actions in Zendesk than you can with any other helpdesk app. But you might expect that from one of Zapier’s “premium” apps. There are so many possible combinations of Zendesk tasks and Messenger tasks, that listing them seems easier than writing about them:

  • Send a text message when a new ticket is added
  • Create a new user in Messenger when a new user is created in Zendesk (and vice versa)
  • Trigger a message when there’s action on a certain ticket
  • Get a text when a new forum is created, or a new topic is added to a forum
  • Update a Zendesk user when a Messenger user is updated
  • Create a ticket from an inbound text (learn more about inbound texts)
  • Send a text to update or add a comment to a ticket

If that amount of integration and automation still isn’t enough for you, you’re in luck. As well as our Zapier integration, you can complete a direct integration with our SMS API. If you’ve got some development knowledge (or you know someone who does), check out our Zendesk integration guide to get started.

Try IMIChat – no integration required!

If you haven’t already got a live chat integration or customer support application in place, there’s still an SMS solution for you. Thanks to our parent company IMImobile, we’re now able to offer IMIchat.

You can use IMIchat to have two-way SMS conversations with your customers from your PC, for support queries, outbound sales, or whatever you like. Like I said at the beginning of this article, many customers prefer using SMS for customer service when compared to other channels like social media, email and phone calls – as many as 64% according to a report by SAP.

IMIchat is a complete SMS chat solution, with templates, banned words, chat management features, easy administration, and Facebook messaging. To learn more about IMIchat, visit the IMImobile website.

Getting started

If you’ve been inspired to add SMS to your customer support, take a look at our Zapier integrations page to get started. You’ll need a Messenger account, a Zapier account, and of course an account with your chosen helpdesk software. If we haven’t covered yours in this article, don’t worry – Zapier has over 500 apps to link with so you’re sure to find what you need.

If you need any help to get started, just give us a call on 01244 752299.

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