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See how your local business can benefit from SMS marketing

For a local business to truly capitalise on using a messaging service such as ours, it must ensure that its message is focussed and targeted at the ideal demographic. At Textlocal we have gathered extensive demographic data on consumers who have opted into receiving messages from local businesses. This data can be used by local businesses to ensure that their content is as relevant and useful to recipients as possible.

The infographic above displays some of key findings in terms of the demographic of consumers who opted in to receive communications from local businesses; including data on gender, region and whether the majority of recipients utilised smart or feature phones. If you’re a local business, plan your messaging accordingly!

Small businesses rely on communications to stay relevant and keep track of what their customers want from them. Mobile phones play a huge part in this communication, enabling companies to glean information and tailor a marketing plan accordingly.

Business SMS messages can be read by millions of people across the UK, with an equal balance of men and women wanting to opt in to marketing messages. The statistics below speak for themselves; mobile SMS marketing isn’t going away and it is wanted by the customers as much as the small businesses.

A massive one million people aged 18-44 want to receive communications from the businesses they care about; the local ones. It’s all well and good getting marketing information from the huge, global brands but it’s all readily accessible. The smaller fish in the ocean are the ones that need the coverage but, more importantly, they’re also the ones that their customers want to hear from.

Read on to find out all the vital statistics and see for yourself just how much of an impact SMS marketing has on small business. It really is a hugely popular tool for small businesses and is only going to keep increasing in popularity. All that’s left to do is give your customers the chance to opt into your business SMS messages.

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