How SMS can make you customers for life

At 8.27 this morning I started my journey into London and called for a taxi to get to the train station.

I know, it sounds dull, but stick with me…after I hung up the call I immediately received a text message confirming that my taxi was ordered and where it was going to collect me from.

“That’s nice” I thought, “great service, well done taxi firm”.

I knew they were on their way and that they were coming to the right place so I was confident that they would arrive and I’d be on time.

Customer service and reassurance at its most simple.

As someone who works in SMS I’m always intrigued to see businesses use it not just for marketing and really enjoy seeing such a great implementation. Even if it’s not with Textlocal.

Personal Touches for Protection

Ooh, “even better” I said to myself, now I knew what car I was looking for and could check the registration (Details obscured for protection, we don’t want to be giving that level of information out) to make sure I didn’t get into the wrong car! The only thing missing was a bit of personalisation, “Hi Leanne, your taxi has arrived…”.

I wondered how long after “your taxi has arrived” I’d see it…I looked up and there it was.

It was great at 8.30am but my immediate thought was how beneficial this could be to customers late at night or in isolated areas. The confidence that comes from knowing in advance the registration number of the car you ordered is a great protective measure. Of course, there is no better way to deliver this than via SMS, it came to me on the mobile handset I called from and I didn’t need to remember anything.

From phone call to cab in under 5 minutes and completely informed.

Right company, right cab going to the right place.

Customer for life

So, through the use of SMS I gained confidence in their service. I’m going to remember them, recommend them and if I’m in the area again I’ll be a repeat customer.

And at what cost? A couple of text messages costing the taxi firm less than 5p making me a regular customer, and it wasn’t even traditional marketing!

How can you do this for your customers?

We have all the tools you need in Textlocal Messenger and our complementary services. It doesn’t need to be complicated and it’s not difficult to achieve.

Get in touch with us to discuss your solution today.

Some inspiration for customer service led SMS you could implement today:

  • Order confirmations
  • Confirmation of contact received
  • Send a survey and follow up with a text to say thanks and offer a reward
  • Appointment reminders
  • Delivery tracking

You can of course do this manually by sending text messages from within Textlocal Messenger, but why not automate this activity to delight your customers even more? Here’s how:

Inbound Text Messages and Auto Responses

Our inbound solutions (we call them inboxes) provide you with the ability to collect data from customers and send immediate automatic responses. An automatic response is a very simple way of acknowledging that you’ve received a message and can be great for building loyalty, but there is so much more an inbox can offer.

For the more technical savvy among you the forward to URL option can provide a way to take an inbound message and process it within your own systems. If you need some help with that, get in touch and we can use that facility to do whatever you need.

More About Inboxes

Email 2 SMS

If you have a CRM or an email client (like outlook) then all you need to do is add new email addresses for your customers comprised of their (, activate Email to SMS on your account, and start sending text messages. Easy.

More About Email to SMS


If you use spread sheets or can create an automatic export from any application you use, then you can use our sFTP (secure file transfer protocol – send us files and we process them) service to send out messages. As soon as we get the file we send out the messages as defined in the file. Contact our team to get started.


Use our API to integrate your business systems directly if you have your own development team or get in touch and we’ll do it for you.


If you are using an online service then it’s likely to be featured on Zapier. Use Zapier to get systems to talk to each other based on criteria, transfer details and take actions – like texting. Great for appointment reminders for example.

More about Zapier

Talk to us!

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