More than half of Brits can’t survive a day without checking their mobile

Some 58 per cent of Brits say they could not survive a whole day without looking at their mobile phone, according to new research from Nationwide.

Consumers love their phones so much that being without them would be worse than not being able to speak to their partner for 24 hours; just over a quarter (28 per cent) stated they couldn’t bear be kept from talking to their loved one for a whole day. Moreover, 53 per cent check their phone when they wake up, before speaking to their partner, reports However, it’s not clear whether all 2,000 people included in the survey live with their other half or not – if they don’t, they need to pick up their phone in order to text them.

This apparent attachment to their phone means Brits take their much-loved devices with them wherever they go, from the bedroom to the bathroom. Some respondents even claim they look at their device in the shower and on the toilet. This is great news for businesses who use text message marketing, as it means their customers are unlikely to miss an SMS. In fact, two thirds (66 per cent) state they feel lost, stressed, anxious or unhappy when they don’t have their mobile phone to hand.

Many people would rather risk getting in trouble with their partners than lose their smartphone – 42 per cent of the respondents said they would prefer to forget their anniversary than misplace their beloved device. Despite talking to them for three and a half hours a day on average, three-quarters of people (76 per cent) apparently text, browse the internet and check social media whilst chatting to their partner. Only a quarter give their other half their undivided attention.

Dan King, Nationwide’s head of FlexPlus Current Account, commented: “It would seem many people prioritise using their mobile phone over spending time with their partner and would struggle to cope without their phone for more than a day. This shows just how ingrained phones have become in our culture, as we often retain our memories, information and contacts on just one device.”

Some may view Brits’ attachment to their mobile phone as unhealthy, and perhaps this is true if you’re checking it in the shower! However, this survey just shows that consumers constantly want to stay on top of what’s happening in the world around them – they don’t want to miss out on a great offer or fascinating conversation.

Businesses using SMS marketing need to remember that while it’s very likely their text will be read, they still need to work hard to grab their customers’ attention. After all, they’re in competition with the internet and their partner.

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