Enhancing the customer journey for your diners

Understanding the customer journey for your restaurant is crucial for making sure your customers have the best possible experience with you. Mapping out potential journeys can help you to understand where you can improve your service and which customer touchpoints are letting you down.

Mobile devices have had an immense impact on the customer journey, with many people relying on their smartphone to visit your website, book a table online, or remind them of their booking once they’ve added it to their calendar. Add to this all the other mobile uses, like arranging to meet friends at the restaurant, Instagramming a photo of the meal and sharing their experience on social media, and you can easily see that it’s crucial to include mobile in your communications plan.

Customer journeys will always be different for individual restaurants and customers, but to give you an idea of how easy it can be to integrate mobile into your customer experience I’ve mapped out an example for you.

Initial research

The customer looks up your website on their phone. To provide the best experience here, you need to make sure that your website is optimised for mobile, and that you’re ranking well in mobile search engines.


Whether it’s online or over the phone, your customer decides to go ahead and book a table. Capturing their mobile number at this stage means you can provide confirmation of the booking with a text message, giving the customer reassurance and a chance to check over all the details straight away. You can set this up to happen automatically by hooking our SMS platform up to your booking system through our API.

One day before the meal

You know your customer has booked, but a reminder text here can help to make sure the meal hasn’t slipped their mind. This is a great opportunity to provide an extra level of service by attaching a copy of your menu as a PDF or informing the customer of any special offers on the date.

During the meal

Your chefs have prepared a delicious meal and your serving team are providing excellent service, so now is an ideal opportunity to generate some extra engagement with your customer. Offer your customer the chance to join your SMS mailing list by including a short code and keyword on your menu or in-restaurant promotions, e.g. text DINNER to 60777. Including an incentive like the opportunity to receive exclusive offers can help to drive more sign-ups.

After the meal

Customer feedback is crucial for developing the optimum customer experience. Once your customer has had a day or two to reflect on their experience with you, follow up their visit with a mobile optimised survey to find out what they thought. It’s a great opportunity to thank them for dining with you and encourage another visit with a special offer as a reward for filling out the survey – and by sending it in a text, you’re more likely to get a response. Messenger surveys can collect a huge range of rich data with just one text, so you can get whatever information you need.

In the future

Your customer took the opportunity to sign up to your mailing list when they were dining with you, so encourage them to visit again by sending out a well-timed, personal message with an offer. Personalised greetings and offers show that you value their custom, and for extra effectiveness try sending around payday when wallets are looking at their healthiest. Using Messenger’s mobile voucher tool allows you to create unique offers that you can track direct through the platform – from send to redemption.

This is just an example – there are endless ways that you can use mobile to provide a better customer experience for your diners. Textlocal are mobile specialists, so we’re experienced in creating memorable customer journeys through the power of SMS. If you’d like to find out more about what mobile can do for your restaurant, visit our website or get in touch with me via laura.wilbraham@textlocal.com.

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