Here’s why your mobile marketing strategy isn’t working

With all of the discussion around the use of mobile within marketing, I’ve noticed a trend among some commentators in the industry of talking about mobile in isolation, rather than as part of an integrated marketing approach.

I believe, and I know that many others are with me on this, that in order to truly capitalise on the rapid development of mobile marketing it must be seeded in to the very fabric of your marketing strategy.

Mobile-optimised websites, mobile extensions on AdWords and an SMS communication plan are near enough essentials in the modern marketing toolkit, but in order to really reap the benefits of mobile integration is key. An approach that takes these elements in isolation can be successful – but the results you can see with an integrated approach are far more impressive.

This article forms part one of a two part series discussing how to integrate mobile – keep your eyes peeled for part two next week.

Mobile for search marketing

It’s been talked about and predicted since internet first arrived on mobile handsets, but now for the first time Google searches on mobile have finally eclipsed those on computers.

Search marketing has long been a mainstay for the digital marketer. More and more people understand the importance of SEO for ranking well in search engines – even if they don’t understand all the details, and thanks to the accessibility of self-serve platforms like AdWords, pay-per-click advertising can be used by even the smallest of businesses.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult to integrate mobile into your search marketing. Anyone with an interest in SEO will already know about Google’s mobile friendly update (commonly referred to as Mobilegeddon) that rolled out in April of this year, which meant that websites that weren’t mobile-friendly wouldn’t be ranking highly for mobile searches. The solution to sites that suffered? Optimise your website for mobile.

PPC-wise, there’s a very easy way to make the shift towards mobile – mobile extensions. Ahead of the game as always (perhaps because they’re the ones making the rules), Google have been offering extensions to their PPC advertising specifically for mobile devices for some time. A few clicks and ads tailored for mobiles can be part of your campaigns, helping your ads be as relevant, and therefore as successful, as possible.

Mobile for traditional advertising

Traditional marketing channels like television advertising, leaflets and billboards still have their place in the modern marketing toolkit, especially where they serve purposes that other channels can’t reach. That doesn’t mean they’re perfect though – a lack of direct response mechanism means that not only is it hard to track the results of your efforts, but a large time gap is created between the prospect viewing your advert and being able to respond.

This is where mobile is perfect – even if you haven’t gone as far as a full m-commerce solution, there are a host of ways in which you can enhance the broad reach of a traditional advertising campaign with mobile elements.

A classic method is to include a mobile short code and keyword as a call to action – e.g. “Text HELLO to 60777”. Consumers will always have their phones on them, and the ease of performing the action means it’s a quick and effective way of gathering the contact details of an interested party. What’s more, it works even when the consumer has no internet signal or WiFi connection – or no smartphone, which around 30% of the UK don’t.

Newer techniques involve scanning a QR code with a smartphone, encouraging downloads of an app, or if you’ve optimised your web presence for mobile, a mobile search. The mobile revolution is about potential customers being able to find out about your company anytime, anywhere – why shouldn’t that include out of home?

Look out for part two of this series next week!

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