Textlocal are on the G-Cloud!

As the UK Government launches the newest iteration of their procurement portal, G-Cloud 7, we’re pleased to announce that we will once again be listed as an approved SMS supplier for public sector organisations.

The G-Cloud is designed to make it easier for public sector bodies within the UK Government to procure the technology services they need. Containing listings of approved suppliers for a range of cloud-based computing services, the G-Cloud’s digital marketplace makes it simple for all kinds of public sector organisations to source the suppliers they need with less hassle.

Our inclusion on this marketplace means that you can implement low-cost, fast and highly effective SMS services within your organisation without the need to go through a lengthy tendering process. Our platform, processes and security have already been checked and approved by the UK Government, and we’ve made a commitment to provide a certain level of service to all organisations.

Whether you’re an NHS department looking to improve appointment scheduling and attendance, a school needing better communication with parents or a council looking for easier internal comms and smoother service delivery, SMS with Textlocal can be of real benefit, and now it’s easier than ever.

Choosing Textlocal as your new SMS supplier is an easy decision to make. Thanks to our in-house development team we’re able to integrate seamlessly with the systems you already have in place, meaning you don’t have to train staff on entirely new platforms. The financial benefits can be substantial, saving budget for more important areas. What’s more, as a G-Cloud approved supplier you know we’ve already passed the stringent checks that your organisation needs, so you’re saving time on tender processes.

G-Cloud 7 launches on November 23rd, but if you’re keen to get started we’re already listed on G-Cloud 6, so we’re available whenever you’re ready. If you’d like some more information on the Textlocal service and how it can benefit your organisation, you can contact me on 01244573673.

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