Have you considered reselling Messenger?

Reselling software like Messenger is an easy way to add a new revenue stream to your business. You get an entirely new product to add to your portfolio, without the hassle of time spent researching and developing from scratch. As a SaaS product, Messenger brings all the benefits of a comprehensive piece of business software without the distribution or licensing costs – meaning there’s minimal set up fees involved in becoming a reseller.

There’s a real demand for the services that Messenger offers businesses, as shown by the excellent year-on-year growth we’ve shown for the last few years. Our in-house development team have created an ever-evolving product offering that provides unique, first-to-market features that add real value for users and in many cases haven’t yet been replicated by our competitors.

What you really want to know

Of course the key thing to know about taking up a reselling opportunity is the potential for profit. As a white label reseller we can offer you an exclusive purchase rate on SMS credits, allowing you to add whatever mark-up you like when you sell them on to your customers.

However, even sticking with Textlocal rate card prices you can start generating profit as soon as you develop a customer base. For example, if you buy a bundle of 25,000 credits at 4.2p and resell them in smaller bundles at 4.9p, that’s £175 in the bank straight away – from relatively small usage. Imagine what you can do with lower purchase rates, flexible selling prices and a well-developed customer base. We have customers that send upwards of 500,000 texts per day, so the potential for profit growth is huge.

Not for you?

This white label option means that Messenger can be completely branded as a product of your own business, with no mention of Textlocal anywhere. If this model isn’t one that works for you, you could try dual brand reselling.

With dual brand, the platform is branded as both Textlocal and your business, and you’d simply earn commission on sales made through that dual branded platform. This is ideal for those who don’t want to run their own support or who don’t need the high level of control that a white label platform offers.

Why Messenger?

With mobile phones becoming more and more indispensable, business use of text messaging is soaring. Whether it’s for appointment reminders, delivery alerts, emergency updates or sales promotions, SMS can improve efficiency, profitability and safety in businesses of any sector or size.

Messenger is easy to use and has a selection of unique, value-adding features that mean it is an ideal solution for businesses. From big features like SMS attachments, mobile-optimised data forms and mobile web page creation to smaller details like sender names, contact segmentation and Unicode, the Messenger platform is the most comprehensive on the market.

Combine this functionality with in house technical support, robust security and an impressive SLA and you’re left with a SaaS product that every reseller needs in their armoury.

To find out more, visit our resellers area or contact me on 01244 573175.

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