Brits proficient at texting, but struggle with gadgets in general

Some 63 million gadgets in the UK are being neglected, as a third of Brits admit that they only know how to do certain things on their devices – such as sending text messages.

Thirty-two per cent of those surveyed by technology brand Bush said they don’t feel confident using technology, but feel their life would be improved if they knew how to get more out of their gadgets, reports.

The vast majority (89 per cent) of Brits are competent texters, although not quite so many are confident with other aspects of their smartphones. In fact, 44 per cent of Brits don’t understand what the cloud is, and 35 per cent don’t know how to connect tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth.

Streaming music and films was a challenge for 24 per cent of Brits and, away from the smartphone, just under a quarter of people reported having a limited understanding of all the different programs on their washing machine.

Andy Robertson, a family technology expert who worked with Bush on the research, said: “Young people are the most confident when it comes to understanding technology.

“But for parents or grandparents born in a generation where the cloud referred to something in the sky, it can be a bit harder to work out the quickest way to access your files remotely, or how to stream the latest box office film on your TV. There is so much untapped potential in the gadgets and appliances that we use every day.”

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