SMS helps commuters let family know they’re nearly home

Commuters who nod off on the train after a busy day at work no longer need to worry about missing their stop or forgetting to let loved ones know they’re near, thanks to a new invention.

Nathan Miller was inspired to create a mobile app to rouse sleepy travellers after dropping off on the train and missing his stop. It’s not just sleeping that can cause people to miss their destination, though. As Wi-Fi on trains become more commonplace, people are streaming video content and getting so engrossed in what they’re watching that they simply forget to get off.

To combat this, Miller created Trainzzz, which wakes up sleepy travellers and automatically sends a text to loved ones.

With the app, smartphone owners can state the station at which they want to disembark, then set the distance away from it they want to be alerted. By using the phone’s GPS, Trainzzz sends an alert when the pre-arranged point is reached. It also offers a feature where texts to partners or spouses can be automatically generated, so commuters can let their other halves know when they’re nearly home.

Commenting on the fateful journey that prompted his big idea, Miller told “I was inspired by a train journey I took when I dozed off, missing my stop, and woke up more than 30 miles from home.

“As it was the last train, I was forced to take a taxi home that cost £80. It is something many commuters have done and was the motivation to create Trainzzz to help other travellers avoid a similar fate.”

The app could provide inspiration for better customer service across train operators, with SMS alerts an option for more than just confirmation of tickets being purchased.

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