How smaller retailers can beat the competition

Independent retailers are the lifeblood of a thriving high street, offering a uniqueness that sets them apart from the omnipresent chain stores. Whilst competing in the same marketplace, small businesses face a set of challenges that large chains don’t have to deal with in the same way. Economies of scale and brand recognition are just two ways in which national retailers have an advantage over independents, but now there’s a way for the smaller retailers to fight back.

Retail guru Mary Portas calls them ‘Super High Streets’ – areas where high streets are embracing new technologies and consumer behaviours and to adapt and thrive in changing market conditions. The enormous effect that the Internet has had on shopping behaviours can’t be ignored – with more and more purchases being made online, businesses that haven’t adapted are being left by the wayside – just look at HMV.

Consumers aren’t just shopping online either – they’re mobile too, meaning that there are more ways than ever for people to shop without ever setting foot in a store. The positive side of this is that it’s easy for businesses of any size to move into this mobile space with just a little time and investment.

Not knowing exactly what to do or how to go about these changes is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for small retailers, and it’s with this in mind that we’ve created a new guide “The Dawn of the Super High Street”. It’s free for anyone to download, and is full of advice to help independent businesses build competitive advantage in the modern retail environment, aided by research from Mary Portas and the University of Southampton.

Adaptability is the key feature held by some of the most successful businesses. As the market environment changes and evolves, your business needs to change with it, so you’re always serving your customers in the best way possible. The digital tools that can help you evolve are accessible and easy to learn – especially with the plethora of free guides available to help to get to grips with these new technologies.

Take control of the future of your business, and enter the digital world now.

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