Should you be thinking about mobile marketing?

Since 2012, every year has been heralded as ‘the year of mobile’ by the marketing and business press, but there are still a huge number of marketers who are yet to embrace the phenomenon in one way or another.

The Salesforce 2015 State of Marketing report showed that the number of marketers that are employing at least one form of mobile marketing in their strategy has seen rapid growth in the last year, but still over half of the marketers surveyed weren’t using it at all.

So are these businesses right to focus their budgets and effort elsewhere, or are they missing out on a crucial opportunity to engage with their target market?

You should know by now that mobile phones are everywhere. As of 2015, there are more active mobile phone subscriptions in the UK than there are people, and an ever increasing majority of these are smartphones. Smartphone users spend an average of 3.3 hours per day glued to their tiny screens, around two hours of which is online.

Research suggests that we look at our phones upwards of 100 times per day, whether we have a notification or not, and we do so at work, at dinner, in bed, on the toilet, with friends and even in business meetings. No other platform has such ubiquity, and considering future developments, this is only going to increase.

Developments in mobile phone technology have led to the abandonment of many gadgets as their functions are absorbed into the smartphone. Cameras, calendars, voice recorders, calculators, video cameras, torches, personal organisers, radios, music players, alarm clocks, sat navs, remote controls, pedometers, handheld gaming devices, debit cards – all of these can now be easily replaced by the smartphone in your pocket.

This list is only set to continue growing, as Tech Crunch predicts 4.7 billion ‘things’ will be connected to the internet by the end of the year, as the ‘Internet of Things’ gains momentum. Phones will become even more indispensable as we begin to depend on the ability to warm our car up from the office or switch the oven on before the drive home just by tapping a few times on our phone screen.

With this in mind, can businesses really afford not to be on mobile? If the ability to reach your target customers directly, at the perfect time and with a personalised message doesn’t stir your business to action, maybe the next paragraph will.

Salesforce reports that the number of marketers using mobile marketing in 2015 is double that of 2014. If this growth rate continues, how long before your competitor is in that space? And once your target customer has seen the tailored, personal offers that your competitor is giving them direct to their mobile, with no effort required to make the purchase – what chance is there of them moving away from their phones to try and find you?

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