Yahoo! to swap passwords for SMS, push notifications and emails

Yahoo! has ramped up its use of text messages to keep email accounts secure and move one step closer to passwords finally being eradicated.

The long-established tech giant is just one of a number of firms looking to get rid of the traditional password once and for all. MasterCard has recently announced plans to replace passwords with selfies, whilst Apple made waves with the release of its fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5s. Now, they’re joined by Yahoo!, which has turned its attention to the humble text message.

Following on from its announcement back in March of using SMS as part of its two-factor authentication, Yahoo! has revealed Account Key, to warn users of unauthorised login attempts.

The system will send push notifications when a fraudulent login attempt is detected. Users are then able to deny this unauthorised access. Next, Yahoo! account holders must verify identities through a text message or email sent to a different account.

Commenting, product management vice president at Yahoo!, Dylan Casey, told “Passwords are difficult to remember and secondary sign-in verification is inconvenient and confusing.

“Earlier this year we launched on-demand passwords using an SMS code. We’re now taking a major leap towards a password-free future with the launch of Yahoo! Account Key, which uses push notifications to give users simple and secure access using their mobile device.”

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