The Unsung Hero of Marketing?

Textlocal managing director Jason Palgrave-Jones, speaks to Digital Marketing Magazine about how SMS is the unsung hero of marketing and is perhaps marred by misconceptions, such as SMS being an old technology or tarred by accident claims and PPI.

Whatever the perceptions, the results seen by businesses are incredible. With open rates up to 97.5% within 5 seconds and click through rates up to 40%, SMS is unmatched in terms of deliverable.  The other reality is that SMS platform have evolved very quickly and driven in-part by innovations in the technology sector. Textlocal’s entirely self service platform enables small businesses, member groups, community organisations, franchisees and large corporate brands to not only send bulk SMS and receive text messages online, but create and attach vouchers and tickets, send surveys and create chat-bot style auto responses.

Speaking in Digital Marketing Magazine, Jason elaborated:

“Technology has driven mobile marketing to the point where the breadth and variety of functions offered would impress even the most seasoned marketers.

Through cutting-edge platforms it is now possible to send SMS, multimedia messages and to attach a host of documents including PDFs, surveys, loyalty cards as well as offering the capability to create Passbook vouchers and tickets to drive loyalty with customers.”


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