Lily Blossom Florist Makes Marketing Work

Textlocal work with a wide range of local businesses and entrepreneurs. From nurseries, to florists Textlocal is helping businesses connect with their local community, getting the message out about offers, promotions and more with short numbers, keywords and bulk SMS.

One such local business Textlocal worked with was the Marsden based, Lily Blossom florist.

As an independent trader Lily Blossom required a marketing tactic that was affordable and saved time but could compete with supermarkets and bigger chains.  Roxanne Ward, from Lily Blossom wanted:

For most people, buying flowers on occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day is a last minute dash. Without forward planning or a subtle reminder, people often end up buying a supermarket or forecourt bunch that is all but devoid of any special feeling. As such I decided to give our customers a prompter so they had one less thing to think about and so we didn’t miss out on their custom on these key dates.

The solution for Roxanne was with SMS. Text messages was the most obvious marketing tactic she could use.  It provides an instantaneous method of communication and is ideal for time sensitive offers and messages.  Indeed, Roxanne found that everyone opened a text message as it felt more personal to them.

Read more about Roxanne’s successes with text messaging from Textlocal.


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