British women read texts within three minutes

The average British woman checks her phone up to 100 times a day and reads text messages within three minutes of them arriving.

This is the outcome of a survey by Nestle Fitness, which aimed to discover what British women are most concerned about – their health or their social lives. It found that the biggest concern for British women was the prospect of losing their mobiles – which was more of a worry than their own wellbeing.

Nestle Fitness found that messages are typically read within 180 seconds, as women will dash from other rooms to reach their mobiles and even break off conversations to read what they’ve been sent.

It’s not all about receiving messages, though. It was discovered that British women will typically send three tweets, eight emails and nine texts every day. WhatsApp will be checked seven times over the course of a typical day, whilst Skype and Twitter will be accessed twice each.

This activity isn’t concentrated in the middle of the day, either. Near 75 per cent of British women will check their phones right before they go to sleep, whilst 65 per cent check their devices the very first thing every morning – before doing anything else.

Commenting on the campaign, which is aimed at getting British women to occasionally put their phones down and check for breast cancer, a Nestle Fitness spokesperson told “This fun campaign asks women to post an image on social media of them getting #HandsOn. It’s a simple and light hearted way to spread an important message.”

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