Busy bar? Here’s how to keep it that way…

The new academic year is upon us – up and down the country, bars, pubs and clubs are bringing out the plastic drinkware and the UV decorations ready for the stampeding hordes of students that signal the beginning of fresher’s week. Add to this one of the major sporting events of the year, the Rugby World cup, at home in the UK for the first time since Wales hosted the 1999 tournament, and you’ve got some prime opportunities to generate serious revenue.

The tricky bits come in once the excitement of all this activity has passed – how do you keep these customers coming back once the tournament has ended or the student loan is running low?

Providing a good customer experience is the obvious first step. Whether it’s your drinks prices, your friendly bar staff, comfy chairs or the cleanest toilets in the business, providing the experience that keeps your target customers happy is key for developing a regular client base.

Once they’ve left your bar though, all of your competitors will be doing the same thing, so how do you keep your establishment at the front of your customer’s minds, and make sure they return? Regular contact is key. Ideal communication methods can vary between your target groups – the young adults that form your typical student groups will respond better to social media than a mid-40s rugby crowd – but everyone has a mobile and this is a great place to start.

Run competitions or promotions during your busiest times to gather the mobile numbers of people you already know are interested in your bar (or pub, or club) with a short code and keyword. Once you’ve gathered a list of customers, you can target them with tailored text messages that benefit both them and you. Got an event on next Friday that you want to sell tickets for? A new drinks promotion? Perhaps you’re just having a quiet week – a targeted SMS to the right customer segment can get your till ringing again.

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