Going above and beyond with SMS for Logistics

Logistics companies are already pretty switched on when it comes to the business applications of text messaging, but there’s a whole host of features and tools that even the most mobile-savvy teams might not be aware of. We know the logistics sector has a unique set of challenges to deal with, and it’s with that in mind that we’ve compiled a range of solutions tailored to help.

Managing customer expectations

With so many options available to customers, expectations are higher than ever. Providing a service that matches these expectations doesn’t need to be difficult – effective communication is key. SMS provides an instant, inexpensive route of giving your customers the information they need in real time. Whether it’s expected delivery times or notice of dispatch, messages can be scheduled to be sent when you need them and automated so you never even need to open the platform.

Supply chain tracking & monitoring

Messages don’t just have to be sent to customers – SMS is a highly visible and trackable medium that allows for instant communications and an audit trail, making it perfect for monitoring operations. From emergency alerts, notifications of hold-ups or outages or regular prompts for action, automated text messages get attention fast and keep everyone in the loop.

How else can SMS help?

• Reduce unnecessary trips
Sometimes your deliveries are scheduled at mutually convenient times – but sometimes they aren’t. Including reply functions in your messages allows your customers to text and rearrange to avoid your drivers having a wasted trip – saving time and fuel costs.

• Order tracking

For more detailed order tracking, include a link to a tracking page in your messages. Our short link tool can save you characters in your messages and add link tracking functionality, so you know exactly how many people open your links.

• Automated messaging
Using our slick API Gateway, you can send automatic text messages to confirm each stage of delivery including dispatch, arrived at depot and successful or unsuccessful delivery.

• Gather feedback
Get honest feedback on your services using our mobile optimised data capture forms. These allow you to gather important information about your customers or your service in a convenient format that means your customers are more likely to open and complete.

• Low cost

When rising transportation costs combine with demand fluctuations, it’s more important than ever to ensure you aren’t spending more than you need to with your suppliers. Textlocal’s pricing is highly competitive and fair, and we’ll happily price match with a competitor if you think you can get a better deal elsewhere.

Take a look at our case studies to see how innovative SMS solutions have worked for some of our existing clients.

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