SMS Solutions for the Finance Sector

The finance sector faces its own unique set of challenges, which we at Textlocal are always creating new solutions to assist with. Whether you’re a bank, an insurance provider, a lender, a broker or an auditor, we make a conscious effort understand your issues and have a range of solutions and suggestions to help

Building trust

Following the economic crisis, consumer trust in financial institutions was at an all-time low. Whilst commitment to improvements and increased transparency have steadily started to build customer confidence, it is not an overnight process and there is still work to be done. Regular, open communication is key for relationship building and the development of trust, and this is where mobile messaging comes in. Convenient, personal and direct, important updates delivered to a mobile handset can help begin to strengthen the relationships between you and your customers without being intrusive or annoying.

Changing competition

In the last decade, the landscape of the financial sector has changed dramatically. Services that were traditionally provided by a few, major institutions are now available from a diverse set of highly competitive companies. Mobile is a platform growing in popularity, and not using mobile messaging could be a crucial error, costing you the opportunity to engage with and cross-sell to customers who have more options to switch than ever before.

Customer service

A reputation for poor customer service is rife in this sector, with banks, insurers, lenders and energy companies regularly winning the top spots in ‘worst customer service’ lists. Pre and post sales service are key areas for improvement, which could make all the difference when it comes to customer retention. Regular communication, mobile based customer support, digital copies of policies or agreements and SMS payment reminders are all small ways that mobile can help to build bigger customer service improvements.

How can we help?

Our Messenger platform provides a huge range of opportunities for financial institutions to solve everyday issues. Whether you’re providing copies of important documents with our Attachments Tool, receiving requests for balance updates through our short codes, or reducing wasted time, money and resources, you can rely on a robust platform and impressive data security through Textlocal.

For more information, check out our dedicated financial services page complete with case studies and tailored advice.

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