Increase your donations and subscribers with short codes and social media

Donors are the lifeblood of any successful charity, providing the funds that are essential for the work you do. With the fundraising tactics of larger charities under increasing levels of scrutiny, it’s more important than ever to find non-intrusive tactics that can generate a real return on your investment.

So how can you, as a charity, maximise your marketing budget to get as many regular donations as possible?

Social media is an excellent way to engage with and inform your supporters, without incurring the costs that are involved with other media channels, but it can be hard to convert those followers into donors. That’s where an SMS short code can come in very useful.

Greenpeace recently used the combination of SMS and social media in their anti-fracking campaign, asking their Facebook followers to text ‘FRACKNO’ to 60777. They set up an auto response message encouraging recipients to forward a link to their friends, but more importantly they gathered a list of people who were interested in their campaign. By following the message up with a phone call, they were able to convert 17% of these people from Facebook followers into donors, an impressive return on such a small investment.

Your social media channels allow you to develop a base of people who are interested in your cause and willing to share your message, but the addition of a short code and keyword helps to further qualify these prospects so you can find those most likely to donate.

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