Segmenting your database for marketing success

You’ve got your account set up, you’ve followed all our tips for growing your database and now you’ve got a healthy database of contacts ready to receive your informative, useful and entertaining mobile messages. What next?

If you’re new to mobile messaging or marketing it can be tempting to plunge right in and start sending your messages, and as long as you know who you’re sending to, there’s no reason not to! But if you’ve got a large or diverse database, not all of your offers, promotions or information is going to be relevant to everybody, and that’s going to affect your success.

Seasoned marketers know all about the ‘Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning’ (STP) model – a time-tested way to make your campaigns as effective as possible. In a nutshell, it’s about understanding your audience and tailoring your messages accordingly.

Splitting up your contacts into different groups based on their interests, buying habits or demographics (information like their location, age or gender) can really help you to send each group the messages that will be the most useful to both you and them. There’s no one fixed way to do this right – it all depends on your business and the type of information you hold on your contacts.

Here are some ideas:

1. By location – if you have branches in a number of cities, or offer different services depending on area, then location segmentation is key for you.
2. By buying habits – restaurants might want to offer different promotions to weekly customers than occasional diners, or retailers can target lapsed customers with win back deals.
3. By message habits – if you’re messaging your database regularly, you might notice that there’s a core group of people who open your attachments and click your links more often than others. Divide people into groups, and you know you need put more effort into persuasion and calls to action to the less active set, and more time rewarding the regular clickers!
4. By interest – if you offer a wide or diverse range of products or services, splitting your contact group to reflect their interests can help you to make sure you’re promoting exactly the right products to exactly the right people

Love the idea, but don’t have that sort of information on your customers? Try adding a mobile data capture form to your next send to gather some more customer details – adding an incentive like an exclusive discount can really help to get those forms filled!

Got the information you need to get started? Log in to your Messenger account now and start working on your contact groups!

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